“Pendulum significantly helped  improve our product research and design efficiency, reducing ⅔ of  the research workload with their customizable dashboards that  aggregate all the data we need.” 

- Tiffany, CEO, Oleada 

OLEADA is a venture-backed luxurious sustainable handbag brand for modern professional women.  Supported by celebrities & industry leaders such as Maye Musk and Melusine Ruspoli  

Goals: Tiffany aims to enhance OLEADA NYC's market position by consistently offering fashion products that resonate with customers.

Pain Points: Tiffany's pain points include staying updated with rapidly changing fashion trends and ensuring the right products are available in the right quantities to meet customer demand. She seeks ways to streamline this process without compromising on the accuracy of her decisions.

Pendulum’s solution: Pendulum assists Tiffany by offering relevant market data on conversion and engagement potential of 5 close competitors and 10 inspirational brands. With real-time insights, she can monitor supply-demand dynamics that are relevant to her market. The comprehensive data from e-commerce, runway reports, and social media helps Tiffany make informed product decisions swiftly, replacing the traditional manual research process which takes  6-8 weeks a year.

Product Usage: Tiffany uses Pendulum to access real-time trend forecasting insights. She leverages the AI-powered tool to monitor competition, understand conversion potential, and gauge supply and demand dynamics.

Results: Tiffany successfully integrated Pendulum's insights into her product assortment planning for 10 SKUs in 2024 SS collection. By leveraging Pendulum's real-time trend data, she saved 5 weeks of manual research time, enabling her to focus on strategic tasks. Tiffany adjusted promotional strategies for Q3 based on Pendulum's insights and witnessed a remarkable 30% YoY revenue increase, demonstrating the tangible impact of data-driven decision-making.