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About  Pendulum

Pendulum is a trend forecasting tool that helps fashion businesses make informed product and sales decisions. Small to midsize companies are manually browsing countless pictures to identify product features, guessing consumer demands, and betting winning products for next season. No analytics database exists to provide relevant and actionable insights. We have built sophisticated software that not only collects extensive multi-channel data from retailers and customers but delivers tailored insights based on team inputs inside our built-in work station. As we penetrate businesses, we will predict fashion trends 6-24 months ahead of time with our advanced machine learning model.

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Our Solutions

holistic market data

Comprehensive data pool of products and social voice.

Customized insights

Allowing high accuracy and relevancy

workflow optimization

Enabling team to build collections, share notes, analysis of internal & external data, upload & download reports.

fashion trend prediction

Advanced machine learning enabling 6-24 months prediction ahead of time, allowing brands to take early and accurate actions.





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